Who hasn’t asked himself, am I a monster or is this what it means to be human?
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Deidara Tonks


"I believe in a place between heaven and hell, between the living and the dead. A glorious place of everlasting rebirth, perhaps even salvation."

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Caliban ~ Creep [ Penny Dreadful ] 


Tribute to Caliban that I made. Even I hating him for many times - for being so cruel to Victor - I never stopped understanding him. This video is about his feelings in relation the rejection, the love and also about the sadness and loneliness to be an abandoned creature. It’s simple but done with love. I think he deserves it.

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Penny Dreadful - The Sass of Dr Victor Frankenstein

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"My name is Victor Frankenstein."

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"You will make me an immortal mate, a woman. Like myself, everlasting. This you shall do."

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Brownham smiles  → for ourautocannibalism

the babes

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"In this life, there are hungers that compel us. Food, shelter, warmth, even poetry. But one thing stands titanic."

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Will you tell me your story?

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- Morphine? 
- Yeah 
- It’s an addiction? 
- Yes … 
- Caused by what? 
- Pain.

- Morphine? 

- Yeah 

- It’s an addiction? 

- Yes … 

- Caused by what? 

- Pain.

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